Post on facebook to win!


The first contest saw dozens of great comments and connections on facebook. Thanks for participating and stay connected for the next contest.

1st prize – Peter & Jane BartlMerks
2nd prize – Nancy von Euw
3rd prize – Bea Linnemann


Help us kick-start our campaign and enter our first contest!

Follow and like Swiss100Canada on Facebook and Twitter and share what gives you a Swiss-Canadian connection. It could be a unique or interesting connection or  if you don’t have a connection yet, just post a connection you would like to have. Let’s get creative! Only submissions on facebook or twitter will be accepted. No entries on WordPress will be entered into the contest. Everyone who shares with Swiss100Canada before January 18th, 2013 will be entered into a draw to win 1 of 3 prize packages.

LIKE+++MINDED Social Media Prize Packs

1st Prize
Mondaine Desk Clock, the Official Swiss Railways Watch
2nd Prize
Caran d’ache silver pen
3rd Prize
Victorinox Swiss Card

13 responses to “Post on facebook to win!

  1. I am so proud to be a naturalized Swiss citizen. Thanks to my wife, my in-laws, friends in Switzerland and to the Vancouver Swiss Consulate for helping me through the process.

  2. My Swiss-Canadian connection is that I have worked with a few people who had the privelage to work at CERN . They told me many wonderfull stories about the people and culture there. I am also a great swiss chocolate fan .

  3. I am incredibly proud to be a Swiss Canadian! My parents emigrated from Switzerland just before I was born and as a result, I am the only Canadian-born member of the family. As the youngest in the family, I endured my fair share of ribbing of this fact over the years but now that I am almost 40 – I figured out that I am in a pretty special position! I am born in Canada AND have a Swiss passport to boot! How lucky can a girl get??!!

  4. All great comments, thank you! I have already entered Frank, Nancy, Kamlesh, Jessica and Allan into the contest but unfortunately, no more WordPress entries will be accepted. We would appreciate it if you could repost them to facebook or twitter.

  5. The last time I entered the Zurich passcontrol and they saw my name in the Canadian passport, they said: “You are Swiss, show your Swiss passport and stay as long as you want. What a welcome, what a feeling.

  6. Jo Heiland Donner, ond was machd me wemmer kei Feissbuk hed zom trotzdem chönne gwönne? But it is all about participation and not about winning a prize. I will miss some of the activities in this centennial year as I am heading back to Switzerland for a few months. Stories from my journey will be shared at Good luck to everybody!

  7. Grüetzi!!
    I am proud to be a Swiss Canadian! My 94-year-old Oma lives in Switzerland and I visit her every summer. My mother is Swiss and, though my sisters and I were born in Canada, we are “jass”-playing, yodelling, chocolate lovers who proudly wave our swiss flags whenever given the chance! My cupboards are filled with Swiss kitchenware, my keychain says “I love Switzerland,” my car has the CH sticker and, in my office, I proudly display the Frauenfeld flag of the fräuli mitem leuli! Yay Schweiz!!

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