Bernadette’s Take #4

My Magic Place in Canada
My Magic Place in Switzerland

My prayers were answered and a nice person from Switzerland sent in two beautiful pictures! (Move over, Helmut Newton. Beaver Lake is in, nudity out.)

Thank you, Urs, the picture of Fribourg reminds me of my years at university in this beautiful medieval town in the French speaking part of Switzerland. And the fondue with Vacherin and Gruyère cheese, to die for! Oh, could I be forever young…

Here we go, a first on our page!

Photos by Urs Affolter, Steinen, canton of Schwyz, Switzerland

My Magic Place in Canada:Beaver Lake - CopyBeaver Lake Mountain Resort, Windfield, B.C. (Photo Urs Affolter)

My Magic Place in Switzerland:
Fribourg - CopyPont de Berne, Fribourg, canton of Fribourg (Photo Urs Affolter)

One response to “Bernadette’s Take #4

  1. Congrats, Urs, your pictures have made it onto an international website! I’d love to explore Canada’s wast forests.

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