Bernadette’s Take #8

The Swiss Nuns’ Pick

The Can-Swiss Quiz with Ursula Schmidhauser from Sechelt B.C.

UrsulaSchmidhauserUrsula in her office (Photo Ursula Schmidhauser)

It is no coincidence that Swiss born Ursula has a penchant for herbs.
Not the ones you can smoke, mind you.
Not the ones that supposedly make you float in the air for an hour or so.

We are talking here about the real thing. The herbs that could make you really, really healthy.

SchmidhauserUrsulaUrsula in front of her house in Sechelt B.C. Don’t draw any false conclusions: These are not the herbs that she is using in her therapy – and the pot does not mean anything either. (Photo Ursula Schmidhauser)

Swiss citizens grow up with herbs (please note the difference: grow up and not grow-op). I mean – think Ricola. Candies made with tons of organic Swiss herbs which are supposed to clean your throat like a chimney sweep. No wonder the Swiss mountain man in the Ricola TV commercial is yodeling like crazy. (He also has an alphorn, but I don`t know how they clean that archaic instrument Not with herbs, for sure.)

IMG_0716 - CopyThere is a good chance that these Swiss singers have cleared their throats with herbs – if not, I am sure Ursula would have advised them to do so! Luckily they are surrounded by herbs. (On Klewenalp, canton of Nidwalden, Photo B. Calonego)

There are Swiss nuns who are scrambling in the alps picking herbs and selling them (they pray more in wintertime). As kids, we had to drink their herb teas against every ailment there was on earth.

IMG_0742 - CopyThis is NOT a Swiss nun picking herbs in the Swiss alps! Picture
taken on Klewenalp in the canton of Nidwalden
(Photo B. Calonego)

And there is a well-known Swiss chef who calls himself “Chrüter Oski”, which means something like “Oscar of the Herbs” (not quite as famous as the Academy Awards, though).

But I am digressing.
I read Ursula Schmidhauser’s name (her name is Swiss as Swiss can be) in the local newspaper where she advertised her – here we go – herbal clinic.

She peaqed my curiosity because writers are always curious.

And – as the Swiss say – there is no herb on earth to cure this!

Ursula dispensing_sm.jpg.opt378x316o0,0s378x316What is Ursula is trying to cure here? A nosy writer? She looks optimistic.
Where there are herbs, there is hope. (Photo Ursula Schmidhauser)

Here is the Can-Swiss Quiz with Ursula:

–   What gift do you take from Canada to Switzerland?

Maybe some unusual scarf or a piece of jewelry for my niece.

–   What gift do you bring from Switzerland to Canada?

Chocolate! And crossword puzzles.

–   What product(s) do you miss most in Canada (or in Switzerland)?

I miss the wonderful bread from Switzerland, not that we haven`t got nice bread here in Canada but the flour has been genetically engineered and I cannot tolerate that.

–   Which are the 3 qualities you cherish most in Swiss men or women?

That is not easy to answer since I have been in Canada that long. I love the Swiss punctuality, their reliability and their honesty.

–   Which are the 3 qualities you cherish most in Canadian men or women?

Canadians are very easygoing, they are fun loving and almost carefree. But then I cannot generalize.

–   What triggered a culture shock for you in Switzerland or Canada (in one sentence, please)?

In Switzerland, I think, people are unhappy a lot and I can feel that when I visit.

In Canada people are sloppy dressers and do

not care what they look like.

–   Which Canadian or Swiss personality fascinates you?

The Canadian writer Margaret Laurence.

This is Ursula’s website:

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