Bernadette’s Take #14

Wanted: Canadian Lumberjack!

Brigitt Bolzern from Hergiswil, Swiss canton of Nidwalden

BirgitBolzernThat is her! But who does the other glass belong to? (Photo Brigitt Bolzern)

When you are an author, people write to you. You write back and so the writing for writers never stops.

One day, I got an e-mail from a nice Swiss woman called Brigitt Bolzern. She had read my book “Oh, wie schön ist Kanada!” (Oh, how beautiful is Canada!). You have to know that in the book, the main character is an uptight European woman, a journalist of course, who meets a series of interesting Canadian men.

She even video-tapes them!!! It is weird, I can tell you.

Calonego_Kanada-5I know it is my fault. I started it all. With this book. Mea culpa. (Photo Ullstein Verlag)

Brigitt wrote to me: “Next year, once more I will spend some time in Canada and I will inspect the men more closely because one of these lumberjacks ………. 🙂

She put ten dots, I assure you, and I had to find out what these dots meant!!!

So I placed an
UPC (Urgent Phone Call) to Brigitt Bolzern from Hergiswil

Brigitt, why on earth would you be looking more closely at Canadian men?

I always thought that Canadians are very nice and open. They talk to you when you are in a lineup in the bank or in a restaurant. They are gregarious. I feel alive in Canada! I am fascinated by the vast open spaces.

In Switzerland, I have to adapt to structures.

Where does your infatuation with Canadians come from?

I came to Vancouver as a 21-year-old au-pair and I just loved this city. It was quite an adventure. I was a farmer’s daughter from Kriens in the canton of Lucerne and I had never been in an airplane before!

BirgitBolzern1Brigitt, I don’t think you will find a lumberjack in downtown Vancouver, I’m afraid. (Photo Brigitt Bolzern)

So you went into culture shock?

Not really. The family I stayed with was very welcoming. I never forget that they said: “This is the kitchen and this is the fridge. Help yourself.”

The houses in Vancouver were so low, just like I had seen it in the movies.

Like a city in the Wild West.

So you stayed and lived happily ever after?

No, after a year, I went back to Switzerland and went to work as a hotel manager in Monaco and then I worked on a ship. Next thing you own a condo.

I would have loved to emigrate to Canada but my then boyfriend did not want to.

It took me 12 years to return to Vancouver. Since then, I was in Western Canada seven times. I have a cousin in Vernon B.C. and friends in Vancouver.

So what about the lumberjacks?

Well, sometimes my friends want me to go on a blind date, the last time it was with a man who worked as marshaller at the airport. But I said: “I want a lumberjack.” We would go to a rodeo instead to a “Schwingfest” (traditional Swiss wrestling).

Lumberjacks are rare, though.

BirgitBolzern2No lumberjack here either, and that is not lumber in the back ground, it is the Olympic flame that is extinct. (Photo Brigitt Bolzern)

Don’t you think that lumberjacks are maybe not so culturally inclined like European men?

Oh, when I am in Vancouver I go to concerts, all kinds of restaurants and I take in First Nations culture.

When you live in smaller towns, you have to drive further or travel to a bigger city. But cultural venues are still there!

Have you given up on emigrating to Canada and finding a lumberjack?

No, I have not given up hope yet. But safety is very important to me. I don’t want to burn all my bridges.

However, if I found a nice Canadian lumberjack, I would think hard and long about it.

Life is too short to reject something like that!

BirgittBolzern3I think, Brigitt, you will have lots of fun in Vancouver without a lumberjack! (Photo Brigitt Bolzern)

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