Release of Lucy Gething’s memoirs

A new book with Lucy Gething’s story

From “Why Not” To “Yes Dear”

At the age of 88, Lucy Gething decided to write down the exciting story of her life and to share it with the rest of us. It is our great pleasure to announce the release of her book.

LucyGething_bookcover_frontHer story begins in Switzerland with mountain climbing stories and an adventurous trip to England. Her motto in life at that time was “Why Not” and so before long she emigrated to Canada to settle in Ontario. In her humorous style she describes exciting trips to the Banff Rockies, where she found her husband, and to the Caribbean—and unsurprisingly during this time her motto evolved to “Yes Dear.” In 1967, after 17 years of harsh winters running a farm, Lucy and her husband decided to head out west to find a milder climate in Western Canada in Sooke and Victoria.

The adventurous continued on Vancouver Island. They built a beautiful boat, circumnavigated Vancouver Island, ran a bed and breakfast, and watched their two beautiful children grow and develop.

We warmly recommend this refreshingly candid book to you for it exhibits Lucy’s wisdom and great sense of humour. “Thanks to her motto, her life was a bit out of the ordinary.” Experience how her life changed from “Why not?” to “Yes dear!” It is quite a journey you will surely enjoy!

Contact Hausi Muller for your personal copy:

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