Swiss National Day

Nicolas Senn visits Vancouver to celebrate Switzerland’s National Day

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For this special year of celebrations, the Consulate General of Switzerland has asked Nicolas Senn, famous musical star from Switzerland, to join us and perform in front of the crowds in celebration of Switzerland’s National Day.

About Nicolas Senn

Official website

Nicolas Senn plays a traditional Swiss instrument called the hammered dulcimer (in German “Hackbrett”). The first musician to play the instrument on top of Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 m / 19,341 ft above sea level), Nicolas has won several awards for his music combining modern, innovative and traditional elements. He has played in such countries as Russia, Spain, Kenya, Kuwait, China, Thailand, India and the USA. Since 2012, Nicolas has been the host of the biggest folk-music TV-show on Swiss national TV.

2 responses to “Swiss National Day

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  2. Hope to hear you at Canada Place on 29 July. Can’t be at the Chalet on 27th.
    Congratulations on
    your world tour fame.
    Evelyn and Joe.

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