Evelyn Kellenberger

Bernadette’s Take

on Evelyne Kellenberger
from Golden, now Grindelwald

My magic place in Switzerland

GetInline - CopyWengen in the Swiss canton Berne (Photos Evelyne Kellenberger)

My magic place in Canada

Banff_Avenue2012The town of Banff, Rocky Mountains, Alberta

2 responses to “Evelyn Kellenberger

  1. Hi Bernadette, I got two Canadian friends asking me why they can’t read the article on the Swiss100 Canada? I checked it out and surely it is not there. Now my husband and kids want to see it too.


    Hope you have a great long weekend, HAPPY THANSGIVING, Sent from IPad Sincerely, Evelyn Kellenberger “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” Confucius

    • Hi Evelyn, Bernadette gives us so many great stories, we like to space them out a bit! I posted yours yesterday and your photos a little while back. Check your link one more time, you’ll see it there. Have a great day!

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