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Sylvia Flury, Stans, Switzerland

Montréal, Mon Amour …

sflury3 - CopySylvia had a culture shock when she arrived in Montreal and could hardly understand the French that is spoken in Québec – so the following year, she took a language course in Montreal! (Photo Sylvia Flury)

I know how it feels when you become infatuated with a Canadian actor.

Is there a man more handsome and admirable than Paul Gross, Canadian actor, director, producer and screen writer?

In Europe, many will know him from the TV series “Ein Mountie in Chicago” (Due South).
Paul Gross has a lot of female fans oversees.
But give up hope, ladies, Paul is married to the great and equally admirable actress Martha Burns.

Well, for Sylvia Flury, it had to be Roy Dupuis, an actor from Québec.

Sflury4 - CopySylvia has become member of a Québec foundation for seeing-eye-dogs. There is no limit what Swiss can do in Canada. (Photo Sylvia Flury)

She saw him in Switzerland in the TV series “Nikita” and she thought: “What a hunk!” (Yeah, good taste, Sylvia!)

She googled him and found out that there is a fan club in Canada. And that Dutuits fans (mostly women and many of them from the U.S.) meet in Montreal every year.

No problem for Sylvia who works in the office of a famous Swiss international school for the bakery/confectionary in-dustry in Lucerne, called Richemont.
(Canadian pastry chefs are trained there, too!)

IMG_5688 - CopyThat is where it all started for Sylvia: Montreal. She got hooked instantly . She will visit there this year, too. (Photo B. Calonego)

Sylvia travels to Québec frequently since she visited Montreal the first time in 2002. She saw a poster in the local travel agency in Stans: “Christmas Shopping in Montreal”. Why not? Sylvia thought – and off she went.

“When I traveled to Montreal, it was like coming home”, she says. “I hardly understood their accent but people were so nice and welcoming.”

In the following fall, she went for a month to a Montreal school to improve her French. “That is when I got the Canada virus”, she says.

IMG_5879 - CopyNo wonder Sylvia likes Montreal: These colours must be an inspiration for her hair. (Photo B. Calonego)

Sylvia who comes from Stans, Swiss can-ton Nidwalden, has a talent to get to know people. Her hair has many colours: purple, orange, blue. Good thing. People in Canada stop her in the street and talk to her.
(Great idea: If you have problems to meet people, dye your hair in rainbow colours!)

In Québec, where she travels to some-times three times a year, Sylvia also has become a member of the MIRA Foundation for seeing-eye-dogs. In that group she even met more Canadians.

And, last but not least, she became part of Roy Dupuis RIVERS Foundation. The ac-tor and his disciples try to protect rivers from being built over for hydro power projects.

Sflry5 - CopySylvia on Moraine Lake in the Rocky Mountains. She looks like she is ready to conquer Western Canada. (Photo Sylvia Flury)

Sylvia actually met Dupuis and chatted with him during RIVERS events! Lucky girl!

It is her dream to be able to watch the actor on the movie set. Who knows, maybe one day … (You guys from the Swiss consulate with all your connections: Why don`t you make it happen for Sylvia? She would be over the moon!)

IMG_5736 - CopyPhoto shoot in Montreal. Maybe these guys are waiting for Roy Dupuis? He must be at one of the rivers, trying to protect it. (Photo B. Calonego)

So naturally, she wanted to travel around the province of Québec and see all these rivers that needed to be protected and the remote areas where you can find them.

She also found Swiss, “they are every-where”. She met some of them in very re-mote areas. One wanted to sell his Bed & Breakfast to her (she declined).

Sylvia travels alone or with her German friend who is called Sylvia, too.

Traveling alone in Canada is easy, Sylvia says: “I was treated very well, and in restaurants, I was seated at the win-dow.”

Sflury - CopySylvia is showing off her “chateau”. It is in French, but without the Québec accent. English spoken here in Alberta. (Photo Sylvia Flury).

Today, some people think she is French Canadian – because she has adopted that Québec accent that she did not under-stand when she first arrived in Montreal.

The times, they are changing!

Here is the CanSwiss Quiz with Sylvia Flury:

– What gift do you bring home from Canada (or Switzerland)?

From Canada: maple syrup and Canadian DVDs and CDs.
From Switzerland: Swiss Army Knives and chocolate.

– What product(s) do you miss most in Canada?

Being a true Swiss, good bread, of course, and a cervelat sausage!

IMG_5855 - CopySorry, Sylvia, no cervelat sausages in Montreal, but lots of cheese. (Photo B. Calonego)

– Which are the 3 qualities you cherish most in Swiss men or women?

Punctuality, reliability, diligence

– Which are the 3 qualities you cherish most in Canadian men or women?

Openness, reliability, their sense of humour

– What triggered a culture shock for you in Canada?

The particular French of the Québécois!!

– Which Canadian personality fascinates you?

I am totally fascinated by actor Roy Dupuis!!!!

IMG_5699 - CopyLook, Sylvia, we found a carriage for you in Montreal. Maybe we can invite Roy Dupuis, too? (Photo B. Calonego)

Link: für MIRA

Link: für Rivers Fondation

Link: Richemont

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