2013 marks the centennial anniversary of official relations between Switzerland and Western Canada. 100 years of good relations have created the project LIKE+++MINDED. The Consulate General of Switzerland in Vancouver is proud to bring you this year of celebration. It promises to showcase what we believe connects Switzerland and Canada. Swiss100Canada.com will be your connection to stories, our partners and events. Facebook and Twitter will be a way for everyone to connect and share their ideas for continued LIKE+++MINDED projects.

Many partners will help to put on events across Western Canada and even in Switzerland. Swiss Societies and clubs will raise the banner of 100 years LIKE+++MINDED. Please take the time to visit and learn more about our sponsors, events and don’t forget to follow Consulate General of Switzerland on Facebook and Swiss100Canada on Twitter.

The Consul General of Switzerland

Urs Strausak

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  2. I am going to Switzerland next week, and as a Swiss-Canadian who lives in Western Canada, I am very happy to be part of this 100 year legacy of Like+++Minded celebrations.

    • Sorry Basima, I am not sure what you mean? do you perhaps have the wrong website? Swiss100Canada was a Swiss-Canadian celebration page for the 100 years of Swiss representation in Western Canada. -Andrew Chow, Consulate General of Switzerland in Vancouver

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