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You can connect with LIKE+++MINDED by following Swiss100Canada on Facebook or Twitter. View the live feeds on the left and right sides of the page. Media and General inquiries:

The Consulate General of Switzerland is proud to bring you the LIKE+++MINDED 2013 Celebration. The Vancouver representation is celebrating 100 years of serving Western Canada. For information on the Consulate General, please visit

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Andrew Chow is in charge of the LIKE+++MINDED Social Media Campaign. If you would like to receive updates, follow us on Facebook and Twitter with Swiss100Canada. Join the conversation and participate in our events.

Viviane Müller (pictured) and Stefanie Wunderlin were the LIKE+++MINDED Project Coordinators. If you are interested in supporting our project or if you would like to suggest a new project or share your ideas, please get in contact with us.

3 responses to “Contacts

  1. Would I assume, that your website is primarily made for ex pats living in the Western part of our country?

    • Thank you for your interest. We are trying to be as inclusive as possible. Drawing the connection between Switzerland and Canada. We are highlighting for Canadians the traditions and cultures of Switzerland and likewise for the Swiss about the Canadians. Right now, one feature that we have is Bernadette’s Takes which explores people in Western Canada, the North and others in Switzerland. If you know someone in other regions, I would gladly share contact information with Bernadette. Thanks!

  2. Dear Ladies & G’men

    Regula Schüler was my primary school teacher at Oberhallau (SH) Switzerland, when I was seven. Remember her still like it was yesterday. Now I am 60. Became meanwhile Journalist and TV-Producer. Does she have a recent e-mail-adress?

    Willy Surbeck, Allschwil (Basel) Switzerland.

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